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The name "Gena" seemed obvious to the founder. A mix of her first name "Jenna" and "Gemme" in jewelry.
The message of its collections is strong, each woman has her own beauty and personality. It is this interbreeding that creates the wealth of women today. Strong women, who free themselves from codes , who dare and who are not afraid to assert themselves.

After a degree at the Ecole Supérieure de la Mode in Paris (ESMOD), Jenna Tournay wanted to work in the world of luxury ready-to-wear. She quickly realized that she lacked something to flourish. She therefore continued her studies with a master's degree at the International School of Luxury Marketing in Paris with a specialization in Jewelry / Watchmaking.

At 30, after several years in the communication department of jewelry houses, she wants to democratize it by highlighting an entirely natural and much more accessible stone: ZIRCONIUM.

Formed at the same time as our earth, Zircon is one of the oldest stones. Long shunned by creators, Zircon has a luminosity close to diamond and "allows all women to shine at affordable prices".

Jenna, has spontaneously sent his first creations to Marine Lorphelin. The model, Miss France and general practitioner fell in love with the first creations.

Gena jewels have accompanied Marine in her daily life as a doctor as well as in her personal adventures . With a mile an hour life, she rarely has time to change them. Resistant to life, they have never lost their shine. The desire to make all women shine was obvious to Marine .

The two friends started designing Gena by Marine Lorphelin capsule collections together . Here is the story of a meeting between two women, called to collaborate together to sublimate you all.